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My Crazy Life!!! Options
Posted: Monday, February 05, 2018 5:23:13 PM
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Hello guys, remember me?

I have not posted on here for quite a while. Reason being I've been very busy, and I've also been experiencing some very strange phenomena.

The most prevalent anomalous thing in my life is the 11:11 Phenomenon! I just keep seeing/hearing 111 and 1111 nearly every day. It's everywhere with me from best before dates to newspaper articles. I even got mail a few weeks ago and when I checked the address on the envelope it read "PO Box 1111".

Then, last year our local council installed new street lights on the road opposite my house. Well, when I inspected the codes on the new street lights I got a right surprise: the codes on them all end in J2111. In fact, one of these street lights is right opposite my bedroom window (full code: 10J2111). So it's like this 111 number is constantly in my face.

Seriously, I've never known anybody else experience this particular phenomenon as intensely as me!!! It can't be down to attentional bias, etc, as it just occurs far too frequently with me. And no other numbers pop up as much as 111. I'm sure I would notice them if they did.

So what is going on with me, guys? I have several valid hypotheses, but I would love to hear your thoughts on it all...

It's also interesting that my house number is 23, and there's The 23 Enigma. And I was born on 5th October (5/10): maybe my birth date is connected to The Law of Fives?... My life is full of numerology and synchronicities.

Also, the council are soon to commence work on a crematorium on an old school field! It's the school where I used to attend. This field is also opposite my house, so I'm gonna soon be living right opposite a feckin' crematorium and remembrance gardens. You can't make it up, LMAO!

What is intriguing though is the council put up a big sign in October that reads, "DEVELOPMENT SITE FOR CREMATORIUM". The sign is kinda delta shaped and the pointy, apex part of the sign is directly behind the 11J2111 street light! it's very odd. Maybe a sign or omen?...

And, on New Year's Eve (2017) I witnessed the most spectacular meteor I have ever seen. Maybe it's a sign 2018 is gonna be a great year, or something big is on the horizon.

Check out the videos on my YT channel if you guys want to. Please be aware though on some videos the dates and times are incorrect due to my faulty PC USB; it kept wiping the memory on my camera, lol. Oh, and please read the descriptions on my videos too then they'll make more sense.

Link -

Bye for now, guys. I'll post again soon. I've got so much more to tell you guys!!!
Posted: Friday, March 30, 2018 10:07:10 AM
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EKUMA1981 wrote:
Hello guys, remember me?

Hello, yes I can remember your letter to a famous physicist , did he answer you?
EKUMA1981 wrote:

So what is going on with me, guys? I have several valid hypotheses, but I would love to hear your thoughts on it all...

Lot of people have same experiences, If you think this happend to you more than others, May because others don't like to speak about similar experience for some reasons , for example if you speak about paranormal phenomenons too much, may seems you are crazy! Silenced
so you may just speak about them by unknown identity in this site
I think some paranormal phenomenons happen for us as a gift. and because of them we can open our minds to some new truths that was impossible for us to believe them before

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